Sgroup - Roland Sampler Users Group

This is the home page for the Roland Sampler Users' Group -- "sgroup". There is a mailing list and online resources for Roland sampler users.

It includes an archive of information, samples, documentation, and operating systems for users of Roland samplers, including the S-10, S-20, S-330, S-50, S-550, S-750, S-760, S-770, DJ-70 and W-30.

Quick Links

The sgroup Mailing List

The sgroup mailing list is a discussion group for users of Roland samplers. To subscribe, send a mail message containing
     subscribe sgroup
to Strangely enough, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list by mailing
     unsubscribe sgroup

Or use the web interface at

To send a message to everyone on the mailing list, send mail to

The sgroup Archive

The sgroup archive is available here, but only via HTTP, and not FTP (sorry). This is a semi-permanent home. Comments welcomed.

The archive site address may change from time to time, but the URL to this page,
is permanent and will "always" refer you to the archive.

Got something to contribute to the archive?

Sgroup -- FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

There's not much here in the sgroup FAQ yet, but mail me your entries, and it will grow.

CD-ROM copies of the sgroup archive

Want a copy of the archive of your very own? Check out the information on how to get a CD-ROM copy of the sgroup archive.


A few hints on how to make the best of things.

Floppy Drive Information

Need information on replacing your floppy drive?


Links to available documentation.

Related Links

I maintain a small list of sgroup-related links that you're welcome to browse.

Why sgroup.CA?

You may ask, why is this a .ca domain? I thought it would be simplest to name it "sgroup.something" and all the .net .org .com variants were taken, and I don't like those new-fangled top-level domains (.info, .biz and the like). I live in Canada, and was available and simple (and cheap) to get and maintain.

Don't get fooled by the .ca -- the sgroup has always been, and will of course remain, an international group, with members from all over.


Sgroup: Roland Sampler Users' Group
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