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It has been suggested that we need a FAQ. I don't have time to think one up and research all the answers, but I'll add anything anyone sends me.


  1. Q: Where can I find copies of manuals, schematics, etc.?

    A: See the page of links to available documentation.

Operation Systems and Utilities

Hardware -- Drives and Expansions

  1. Q: Harold Everton Jr. asked: "My friend has an 18GB hard Drive that he wants to use with his Roland S760. Will he be stuck with a 600MB formatted drive, or can he partition it so he can access the drive in 600MB chunks?"

    A: To which Bernie Maier replied: "He will be stuck with a single 600MB formatted drive. He cannot partition it to access it in chunks." and pointed out that, computationally speaking, these are old, slow, small, unsophisticated devices.

  2. Q: Can I use a standard PC mouse with a Roland sampler?

    A: The Roland sampler's mouse uses different wiring to both the PS/2 mouse and serial mouse common on PCs. The Roland sampler's mouse is a standard MSX computer mouse. More detailed information on this topic, along some how to convert signals from the Atari mouse and the Amiga mouse is available at:
    and information on a converter to aloow the use of a PS/2 mouse is at:
    Details (apparently in Portuguese) on converting PS/2 mouse signals to MSX are at:
    See also the following files in the sgroup archive:

    From Bernie Maier

  3. Q: What CD-ROM drives work with Roland samplers?

    A: I don't know. But sgroup member Jyrki says the Sony CDU-8012 works with his S550: "s550 sees it as cd-5, and it reads cdr disks. 2 years of search is over. "

Software for Your Computer



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