A small collection of hints to make your life easier.

PC disk writing

Brian Andrew Marek ( reported that "samdisk" (from the PC utilities section of the archive) is "not quite as user friendly as sdisk (command line entry, no menus) but it works from within the MS-DOS window in Windows without a hitch".

PC disk formatting

Jesse ( reminds us that for disks for samples,
You have to format the floppy disk on your PC, not on the S-330. I use the following command to make sure it's formatted to the correct size:
format a: /F:720
Now sdisk should be able to write to the floppy.

Under Windows

Matthew Harsh reports that Floppy Image can read and write disks under Windows -- it only likes certain file extensions, but that's easy to deal with. Paul Boobyer adds
Floppy Image works a treat on XP. You just have to rename your "OUT" files to "IMG" files and have the floppy image app in the same folder as your OUT files. I could never get sdisk to work on Windows ME and Floppy Image was a godsend.

DJ Boomstick reports that sdisk works fine in a Windows 98se DOS window.

Some people have looked at WinImage, which seems to have promise:

sdiskw -- sdisk for Windows

Miroslav Svetlik (frankie) wrote a Windows version of sdisk --

Also check out his smfw30 sample editor.

sdisk Hints

See the sdisk directory for the FAQ files with hints on using sdisk to read and write sampler disks.

Director-S Sequencer

Roland sold a sequencer for the S-series samplers called "Director-S". For more information on Director-S, see Peter Ullrich's Director-S page.

Peter also has pages covering

Need More Help?

If you need more help, don't ask me, because I don't know. You might be best off asking the sgroup mailing list at


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