CD-ROM copies of the sgroup archive

I'm happy to provide CD-ROMs containing the sgroup collection of stuff, which is a big-ish lump of the Roland library, various operating systems, mailng list archives, various contributed samples, utility programs and so on.

Note that this is not a Roland format CD -- you can not stick this in your sampler.

If you're interested, here is a list of what's currently on the CD-ROM. The "normal" directory is a verbatim copy of the archive. The "expanded" directory has all the .zip files unzipped, the .txt files converted to MS-DOS format (carriage-return and line-feed), and so on, but is otherwise a copy of "normal".

If you want a copy of the CD-ROM all for yourself, please send me $10.00CAN if you live in Canada or $10.00US if you live elsewhere (cash is always convenient, otherwise something that's likely to be easily negotiable at my bank). And sorry, no, I don't take credit cards. But PayPal does -- it should be possible for your to use your credit card and PayPal to send $10.00US to me,

That token amount will (hopefully) allow me to cover my costs (media, mailers, postage, spoiled media, tranquilizers required after having to deal with the silly Intel/Windows box, large sledge hammers for fixing silly Intel/Windows box, and so on), and allow me an occasional beer.

If you're interested, this is how you can send physical mail to me:

John Sellens
518 Pickering Crescent
Newmarket ON L3Y 8H2
and my email address is, of course,

Pay with PayPal


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