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Herewith is my collection of (hopefully) relevant and interesting links for sgroup members and/or those interested in Roland samplers.

This list is not necessarily entirely up to date, accurate or complete (by any stretch of the imagination.

See also the list of links to available documentation.


Roland US
Note: some of these links are now broken, and I can't find the obvious replacement links (even assuming they do exist).

The Roland Corporation US web site at has all sorts of stuff, including operating systems, patches, demos, etc. Last I looked, there was a reference to the sgroup archive from
and a mention on
and an allusion on

Other useful-ish pages

Roland Canada
I haven't looked

Other References to the Sgroup

I've seen references to sgroup from
Synth Zone
Peter Heitzer's keyboard information
Peter wrote an 8096 disassembler, patched an S-50 system disk, and found the ROM monitor. More details at

Cool Related Stuff

sdiskw -- sdisk for Windows
"Windows replacement for former S-DISK program.

Program can load and save floppy images of DD diskettes used by Roland samplers (S50, S330, S550, W30) for backup and use on PC compactible computers. It can also show Roland MEMO notes for better orientation. Commandline functionality.

Windows 9X/2000/XP compatible"

Copyright (C) 2002 Miroslav Svetlik (frankie)

SMFW30 - Windows sample editor
Looks good -- also by Miroslav Svetlik (frankie)
x50 Converter
By Chris Keck: I just joined the sgroup and would like to take this occasion to inform about a little program I've written recently. It's called "x50 Converter" and all it does is to convert S-50 disk images to the S-550 format. Background is, that the S-7xx samplers do not support S-50 format any more and I wanted to read these disk with my S-760, too. If you're interested, you can find the program here: Any comments, suggestions or whatever can be sent to
S-300 web site
Martin Wulff maintains a site about the S-330 sample with a good collection of samples (that of course work on other systems).
S-760 web site
Francois Rossi maintains a site about the S-760 sampler at, including a bunch of information, and a variety of sampler OS releases.
SampleVision for DOS/Windows
If you're looking for the SampleVision sample editor which can edit Roland samples, look here:
Li'l Chips Roland archive
Great stuff, provided by David Green, deep in the heart of British Columbia (Canada)
Unfortunately, no longer available. See
Director-S Sequencer
Roland sold a sequencer for the S-series samplers called "Director-S". For more information on Director-S, see Peter Ullrich's Director-S page.

Peter also has pages covering

Sampler Editor for Windows, by Neurodancer, including reading Roland sampler disks.
Roland S50 Schematics
Cool! Look here!
ei-matrix W-30 site
Everything you want to know about the W-30: information and links for the W30, including disks from the Roland L-501, L-502 and L-503 libraries
Sources for DD Floppies
Pointers to how to find 2DD 720KB disks:
W30 : Unofficial Site's W30 site, includes information, links, W30 sounds

The samples from this site are actually at

A bunch of samples from various instruments, mostly in .wav files I think

Samples to Buy

Not an endorsement, merely a pointer to some vendors that I'm aware of. I've not tried any of these.
Patchman Music
The Elite Series For Roland S-550, S-330, & W-30 Samplers
Northstar Productions
Roland CDs and floppies, and others

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